We are an early stage angel investors network, investing with passion and dedication in ambitious entrepreneurs to define and dominate a new generation of digital economy creators

Our IQ and EQ is what sets us apart. We view the world through an expanded lens that enables us to have the diversity of perspectives needed to challenge industry norms and spark the unexpected.


Unites paths, potentials and narratives,
Disseminates digital sparks that disrupt


To be an active contributor to the growth of the digital economy by building a significant ecosystem of women talents

Why join Women Spark ?


Technology is not replacing talents and professionals, but the roles are evolving. Every business needs a good investor with qualified skills and market reach to operate. Women Spark is here to connect dots.


Growth takes courage personally and professionally. We support our portfolio companies in meeting growth challenges through the diverse range of expertise among investors and advisers.


Providing training programs and knowledge exchange sessions to prepare investors and start-ups to meet the market requirements.


Supported and worked alongside with a vast network of investors, professionals, talents, and other founders all under one umbrella.

Be part of the change and lets SPARK together, Apply Now …

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